We Love Volunteers at Alpha House


We recently had families from Schaari Zedek Synagogue come to Alpha House to weed and rake around the maternity residence for their mitzvah day of service.  Their synagogue volunteered at 60 organizations within the Tampa Bay area in order to give back to the community. Their hard work brightened up our facilities and made our outdoor picnic area more appealing  for our residents.

We appreciate all volunteers  at Alpha House.  Our organization works hard to provide services and education to an average of 39 resident mothers and their children.  Because our budget is tight, volunteers help us to deliver services that we would otherwise not be able to offer.  They can assist us in bringing in additional programs add to our education efforts or just allow our residents to experience something that they would not otherwise be able to enjoy.  Thank you to all our volunteers.

If you, your company, organization, or school want to donate your time, please contact Kim Christmas at kim.christmas@verizon.net to get involved in our Alpha Angel program during the holiday season.


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