12 Charitable Resolutions for 2015

You don’t have to be wealthy to make a difference in 2015. Here are 12 Charitable Resolutions for the coming year.

1. Give blood

Fancy saving someone’s life in 2015? One in four of us will need blood at some point but only 4 per cent of the population are currently donors.generous heart

2. Donate to a food bank or local charity organization such as Alpha House of Tampa

Did you over-stock the cupboards at Christmas? Of course you did. Bring your extra pantry items to a local food bank or charity organization. Better yet, take a look at the charity’s wish list and donate items that are needed in that community.

3. Pick up litter & make improvements at a local charity

Stop moaning about your street looking trashy and take gloves and a bag to pick up litter while you’re walking your dog. Or take your home improvement skills to a local charity to help spruce up their space by painting, cleaning up or helping make repairs if you are handy.

4. Help an older person out with chores

Florida has a high population of retirees and older citizens that may not have family nearby. See how you can help out your older neighbors by volunteering to run errands or to help out around their house. You will feel better as a result.

5. Become an organ donor

It may not seem like much, but becoming an organ donor could be the most heroic thing you ever do, changing someone’s life beyond recognition.

6. Organize a charity fundraiser

Often a charity fundraiser can be as much fun as it is beneficial. Choose a charity and throw a party. For example, Alpha House always needs diapers so have a get together and ask guests to donate a bundle of diapers as their admittance fee to the event.

8. Be kinder on your commute and through your day

You’ll be surprised how good you will feel if you start your day off with kindness. Let someone into traffic or help someone across the street. Give a pregnant woman a seat on the bus or help someone carry their bags. Even small gesture can make someone else feel good and you will benefit as well.

9. Help out at a youth group

You can volunteer with any number of organizations in Tampa either as an individual or better yet, get your church, school or neighborhood to help out in a team effort. Even a day can help make improvements at a local charity in town.

10. Join a charity event and push yourself physically and emotionally.

Whether it’s a 3k or a marathon or simply a 5 mile walk, it’s a simple way to keep fit in the new year and focus on fundraising. If you are not able to donate physically, then just going to a fundraising party can help the coordinators to raise the necessary funds.

11. Hold a charity auction on eBay or donate your yard sale earnings to charity.

Get rid of excess Christmas items and clean out your house and garage for the new year. Donate the spoils to a local charity or worthwhile organization.

12. Donate your skills to a cause

For instance, if you’re a graphic designer you could offer to design posters and ads for a community theater or charity that cannot afford the extra outlay. Fix electronics? Donate your skills to make repairs or donate the equipment you’ve fixed in your home workshop.

If these suggestions seem to take too much time or effort, then a simple donation of money or gift cards will go a long way in any worthwhile charity. It doesn’t have to be much, even a little bit adds up. However you decide to make a difference in 2015, have fun giving!

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