Nurturing Parenting Training at Alpha House of Tampa


Last month two of our Alpha House Parent Educators took the three-day intensive Nurturing Parenting certification course.  The training outlined the principles and philosophies of the Nurturing Parenting curriculum through a combination of lecture, guest speakers, interactive learning and role playing. The training covered the reasons for child abuse and neglect, how parenting behaviors are formed and how they can be guided and changed, and how to assess progress in enrolled parents. Many of the training activities focused on self-reflection in order to understand, assess and guide individual needs based on past experience. On the final day the class was broken into groups who led discussion on Nurturing Parenting topics as they would during a real class and received peer critique. Training will continue on with six additional months of monthly reflective practice where the training group will gather to revisit Nurturing Parenting topics and discuss their use of the curriculum. All of Alpha House of Tampa’s Parent Educators are now certified Nurturing Parenting facilitators.

Nurturing Parenting is a researched-based, family-centered, trauma-informed program designed by Dr. Stephen Bavolek in 1983. Nurturing Parenting teachers can choose from individualized curriculum that suit their target audience, including group based programs, community based education, teen parents, and parents recovering from addiction. All of the programs are guided by an overachring philosophy of building nurturing parenting skills in order to remediate and prevent abuse and neglect of children in the home. In our Alpha House program we use a group based curriculum designed for families with infants, toddlers and pre-school aged children. Our clients meet weekly for Nurturing Parenting classes and are also exposed to the Nurturing Parenting philosophies during their one-on-one Parents As Teachers visits.

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