Parents as Teachers Program at Alpha House

Alpha House of Tampa offers an onsite Parents as Teachers (PAT) program to our resident mothers.  Our goal is to help inform, support, and encourage our new moms and give them the tools necessary to raise healthy, happy children.  We provide ongoing child development assessments to all our children to assure that our babies and toddlers are on target with their growth and development.  This program also includes parent participation and training in infant massage, attachment and bonding with children, and “Born to Read” classes, as just a few examples.

We realize that even mothers in traditional or affluent circumstances often struggle with childcare questions and sometimes have difficulty understanding what their baby needs.  At Alpha House, we know that babies do not come with a set of instructions… moms who come to us from the streets or shelters often do not have good role models to emulate.  The first few days, months and years of a child’s life are critical to their later success and happiness.  A mother that can help properly nurture her baby and build a foundation for learning makes all the difference in that new life.

The program goal is that all children will grow and develop to reach their full potential.  Therefore, the Parents as Teacher program is an integral part of Alpha House.  Our parent educators personalize the information and training to fit the families’ needs, overcome their concerns and foster their hopes.  We work closely with each new mother to develop goals and monitor their progress, building on each mother’s individual strengths and skills.

Our Parent Educators use the Parents as Teachers Foundational Curriculum in culturally sensitive ways to deliver services that emphasize:

Parent-child interaction
  • Parenting Behaviors
  • Child Development
  • Parent-Child Activities

 Development-centered parenting.

  • Link Between Child Development and Parenting
  • Developmental Topics (attachment, discipline, health, nutrition, safety, sleep, transitions/ routines, and healthy births)

 Family Well-being

  • Family Strengths, capabilities, and skills
  • Protective factors based on the Strengthening Families approach
  • Resourcing


Our Parents as Teacher program can always use additional support.  Like most of our services, we rely on donations from individuals and organizations that allow Alpha House to provide the resources necessary to build strong families.  We strive to help our new mothers to become independent through education and job training.  If you would like to be a part of the solution to help turn formerly homeless women into productive members of the community in Tampa, please help by donating money or products that are essential to our mothers.  To Donate Money, Click Here  To Purchase Products for Alpha House, Click Here

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