A Room of Her Own

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The Beginning

A Room of Her Own is an exciting project to help mark our 30th anniversary.Alpha House of Tampa is enlisting the help of Interior Designers in the Tampa Bay area for a much-needed refurbishing of our Maternity Residence – specifically 20 bedrooms used by the population we serve: homeless and pregnant or parenting women and teen in foster care. The “unveiling party” and Open House is expected to happen mid-November.

We all know the importance of environment, and how it impacts our health and well-bring. By addressing what our ladies see and touch every day, we hope to create spaces that feel like home, and that promote healing and growth – all part of our process of helping them back on their feet. Each designer or design team is assigned a bedroom in which to implement their plans and will work with an “adopter” to assist in the selection and coordination of the room; “adopters” fulfill this responsibility for one year.

The rooms are the size of a single dorm room (roughly 8′-6″ x 13′) and currently, the look is “institutional” and drab. Even though their room at Alpha House is the first safe space our women have had to themselves in years (maybe their lives), we believe they, and their babies, deserve more than that.



Committee Chairs

Duncan Broyd – HOK

Scott Scherschel – Interior Space, Inc.

Cynthia Keenan – Cynthia Keenan Designs

Visioning Meeting

Designers and adopters were invited to the first Visioning Meeting to hear for the first time in a group setting what the ‘vision’ is for this project. By the end everyone was ready to get started and begin teaming up. Design parameters were discussed in which covered a list of requirements for the designers and the commitment for adopters. Designer will be given a window of time to accomplish their room installation. All or most of the rooms are occupied at all times and residents will be “juggled” between rooms during the process, so all designs will be implemented within a 48-hour period. The designer or team will also be expected to work closely with the adopter to assist in the selection and coordination of items such as rugs, bed linens, crib linens, towels, waste basket, and other essential items.