Mission: Alpha House of Tampa offers homeless pregnant women and mothers with young children safe housing and the tools they need to become self-sufficient and effective, responsible parents.

Program Description: Alpha House of Tampa is a comprehensive residential program serving an average of 100 homeless pregnant and parenting women and their infants and children each year in 39 units of emergency shelter.

Pregnant women and mothers with young children experiencing or at risk of homelessness are provided with safe housing along with an array of support services while living in emergency shelter. Each mother works with her case manager to connect to community resources, develop a plan to secure permanent housing, access counseling, participate in parenting support and healthy child development programs, and pursue education and employment opportunities. The campus is staffed 24 hours a day/365 days per year.

Program Services: Alpha House of Tampa provides best-practice services grounded in a client-centered model and designed to achieve our mission outcomes:

  • healthy births;
  • maximizing each child’s developmental potential;
  • improving the mother’s ability to become and remain employed;
  • securing safe housing upon leaving the program.

Case Management: Residents work with case managers to develop and implement an individualized family plan that identifies their goals and may include employment, education, financial management tools, access to medical and dental care, public benefits, counseling, and housing. Case management helps women to set goals, empowering them to stabilize their lives, learn to use community resources, obtain quality healthcare for themselves and their children, and develop job skills.

Residential staff members provide support 24 hours a day in navigating the tasks of community and independent living.

Housing Search Services: Discussions about securing appropriate housing are the first steps in the assessment process. Residents begin to determine eligibility for housing programs from their first days in shelter. A full-time Housing Specialist assists residents with housing searches and placement, advocacy and mediation with landlords, a “moving essentials” course, referrals to all appropriate social services and/or community programs, budget counseling and individualized goals to secure appropriate housing.

Aftercare Case Management: The Aftercare Case Manager follows up with residents after they have moved out of shelter to ensure stability and continued progress. During home visits and frequent communication, participants in the aftercare program can access a wide range of supportive services, in-home parenting support, and referrals to community providers to ensure a successful transition to independent living, integration into the community and prevention of a return to homelessness. The Aftercare Case Manager also assists with providing “housewarming baskets” with basic household items for kitchen, bath and cleaning as well as furnishings donated by individuals, businesses, civic organizations, and church groups.

Child Development Services

Trained Child Development Case Managers work in groups and one-on-one with families to ensure that babies and children are developmentally on track and mothers receive the support they need to be successful and confident parents. A variety of screening tools and best-practice, evidence-based child-development programs are offered, including Safe Baby, Nurturing Parenting and Circle of Security. Supplemental services include breastfeeding support and hearing screenings for children.

The evidence-based Nurturing Parenting Program is also offered to mothers in Pasco County who have survived domestic violence.

Alpha House Academy

Alpha House Academy focuses on life skills to help support mothers and their children. Classes presented by Alpha House staff and partner agencies include financial literacy, housing, job readiness, health, self-esteem, parenting and childbirth preparation.