Success Stories

At Alpha House, we have four primary goals in offering homeless pregnant women and mothers with young children safe housing and the tools they need to become independent, responsible parents.  The success stories below make us proud of the work we do in the Tampa community as we continually strive for improvements in our programs and services to aid this at risk population.

GOAL: Each woman in the program will deliver a healthy appropriate birth-weight baby.

GOAL: Each woman will advance her education and/or improve her ability to become and remain employed.  All Alpha House residents are required to participate in an educational or employment/volunteer program.

GOAL: Each child in Alpha’s care will maximize his or her developmental potential.

GOAL: Each woman will have safe appropriate housing for herself and her child(ren) when she leaves Alpha House.

Here are some testimonials from mothers who are currently in the program or have recently completed the Alpha House of Tampa program:

Motivated Momeducation-important-alpha-house-tampa

“Ally,” age 19, is one of 14 children. Her mother died when Ally was 7. Ally’s father threw her out of the house when she became pregnant because she wouldn’t give him her social security check. Ally went to live with her sister where she was  sexually assaulted by the sister’s boyfriend.

When Ally arrived at Alpha House, she was quickly enrolled in a range of public benefits, including Medicaid, WIC, financial assistance and food stamps through the agency’s resources as a Department of Children and Families Access Site. Ally had a healthy, full-term 7 lb. 2 oz. baby girl.

Motivated to improve her circumstances, Ally has already passed the GED exam and enrolled in Hillsborough Community College. Ally is working hard with her counselor at Alpha House of Tampa to the address the impact of her mother’s death and the assault and abandonment she has experienced. Exceptionally bright and extremely gifted in math, Ally enjoys reading Black urban fiction and attending church.

Student, Employee, Parent

Alpha-house-Tampa-success-for-next-generation“Kelly” quit school in the 9th grade. Her single mom wanted her daughter out of the house when Kelly became pregnant at age 17. Kelly arrived at Alpha House homeless, unemployed, with limited job prospects, struggling to support herself and her 2-year-old son.

Kelly expresses sadness that she could not provide a stable environment for her son and is often stressed and upset. She worries about not reaching her goals. She lost hope in friendships after her last “friend” stole money from her.

After Kelly moved into Alpha House she immediately began looking for work and soon landed a job at Taco Bell. Her manager has given glowing feedback about her job performance. She is preparing for the GED exam and has begun the enrollment process for Hillsborough Community College. Knowing that her son is doing very well in pre-school helps her focus on college, her job and her future. She prays every day and likes to read and write in her journal.

Getting Extra Helphealthy-weight-baby-alpha-house-tampa

“Mary” always knew that education was her ticket out. Growing up in a chaotic environment with a mother addicted to drugs and an alcoholic stepfather, Mary still got her GED at age 17.  She became homeless when she fled from her abusive boyfriend to the streets in fear for her life and those of her unborn baby and her 2-year-old son. Then she found Alpha House of Tampa.

Her baby was born healthy at 8 lb. 10 oz. The Parents As Teachers program at Alpha House helped assess her toddler son’s developmental issues. He is receiving Social Security disability benefits and specialized schooling. Mary, now 23, is earning A’s and B’s in her technical school classes to become a Dental Assistant and now has her driver’s license.

If you are a former resident of Alpha House and wish to share your story, please e-mail Ellen Hochschwender at